Kamis, 09 Oktober 2008

Informasi Beasiswa Master (Erasmus Mundus) dan info Ph.D in Accounting & Finance Swiss Finance Institute, University of Lugano

Buat teman-teman yang masih s1 dan ingin melanjutkan studi masternya, ada beberapa beasiswa dari erasmus mundus yang bisa dicoba, atau teman2 yang sudah master ambil lagi juga tidak apa-apa.

1. 2006 QEM - Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics
http://www.univ- paris1.fr/ rubrique1297. html

2. 2006 MSPME, Masters in Strategic Project Management
http://www.mspme. org/

3. 2006 M.A. Degree in Economics of International Trade and European
Integration http://webhost. ua.ac.be/ eitei/

4. 2006 EMIN - Economics and Management of Network Industries
http://www.upcomill as.es/emin/

5. 2007 IMMIT: International Master in Management of Information
Technology http://www.immit. eu/default. htm

dan masih banyak lagi, untuk lebih lengkapnya coba kunjungi:

Nah kalau yang ingin melanjutkan PhD atau s3, ada kesempatan nih, deadline 30 okt:

Ph.D in Accounting & Finance Swiss Finance Institute, University of Lugano

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Lugano, Switzerland,
opens an assistant position in Accounting & Financial Management,
starting in Fall 2008. The main responsibility will be to support the
teaching of accounting and valuation courses and to assist empirical
research projects particularly in the field of corporate governance. It
is encouraged that the candidate will begin a Ph.D. at the Swiss
Finance Institute or at the Faculty of Economics in Lugano.

The successful candidate will be integrated in a young, strongly
research oriented team. For further information on research activity,
please visit the web-site: http://www.istfin. eco.unisi. ch and links
The ideal candidate for this position should have the following qualifications:
* Master in Accounting, Finance, Economics, or a related discipline, with strong foundation in quantitative methods
* Excellent knowledge in accounting (particularly IFRS and European GAAP)
* Interest in Empirical Accounting & Finance, particularly Event Study Analysis
* Econometric proficiency is a plus, e.g., Time Series Analysis
* Programming and database experience is a plus as well as
familiarity and experience in gathering and processing accounting and
financial data
* Excellent command of English and either Italian or German
Closing date for applications is October 30, 2008, but applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
The position starts as soon as possible.
Please submit your application with a complete CV (email preferred) to:
Prof. Dr. Eric Nowak
Chair of Financial Management and Accounting
Swiss Finance Institute
University of Lugano
Via Guiseppe Buffi 13
CH-6904 Lugano
Phone +41-58-666-4637
Fax +41-58-666-4647

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